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Soap Scense | All Natural Multi-functional Soap

Fresh & Natural

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Live Well and Natural

– SoapScense –

Our name SoapScense is a portmanteau word coined from our three value pillars; A portmanteau word fuses both sounds and the meanings of its components. Scents (we strive for amazing all-natural fragrances), Cents (our products are affordable and an excellent value for money) and Sense (it makes perfect sense to use them anywhere!).

What is SoapScense?

SoapScense is a family-owned New York-based business that has patented a range of all-natural multi-functional soap products that are both economical and sweet-smelling. Our products are made from locally-sourced ingredients, they are environmentally-friendly and free of chemicals or preservatives. The first thing you will notice when you use our soap is how pleasant it feels on the skin, leaving you clean and subtly perfumed.

Find Your Next Secret Ingredient

We partner with artisans across the country to help you discover flavors you may never find on your own. Take a journey through our Marketplace to see what we’ve featured in past boxes.

Natural Soap

Inspired by all-natural ingredients, our natural soaps will leave your skin moisturized, healthy and subtly perfumed. Our natural soap is also hypoallergenic and perfect for all skin types.

Soy Wax

Found in the inner soap, it can be used to make long-lasting candles that burn cleanly. It is also useful as a moisturizer and air freshener for your dresser, drawer and closet.

Natural Oils

These essential oils provide natural scents from different plant extracts that help energize your life and leave you relaxed and radiant. They are also excellent for massages and treating skin conditions such as acne and irritated skins.

Natural Glycerin

Our natural soaps only contain natural glycerin that helps to cleanse and gently moisturize your skin, leaving your skin soft, exfoliated and feeling younger.

Natural Plants (i.e. Aloes, Lavender, Rose)

These are introduced into our soap for cosmetic, medicinal and deodorant purposes. They help soothe your skin, serve as antibacterial and also have a sweet smell that relaxes and soothes you.

Natural Cotton

Our soap bags are made of natural cotton that helps hold your soap together. It can also be used as a gentle exfoliating sponge that keeps your soap dry and makes it last longer. Enjoy a no-mess shower and save even the smallest piece of soap.